Torii gate of Itsukushima shrine, Japan


Torii gate of Itsukushima shrine, Japan

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Derek Hale + smiling

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This was so much fun to draw :D I love this screencap (from sailormoonscreencaps) and have been meaning to re-draw it for a while!

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imagine like ten years after the movie raleigh and mako are married and raleigh finds a spider in the bathroom or smth and he screams and makos like “for fucks sake ill fuckin kill it” and she takes off her shoe to crush the spider

but then raleigh is like “wAIT MAKO U HAVE TO ENGAGE ELBOW ROCKET ! ! !!!”

and mako sighs and just says completely deadpan “engage elbow rocket” and goes “pchoooo” as she slams the shoe onto the spider

and raleigh starts fuckin cheering

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So of course I also took some larp-mashup photos when I was in Visby. Most of it is the same as I wore last summer at the medieval-week. Some things are added from my shitload of larpstuff. Not one of my cosplays.

For more;

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